Dr Kathleen Hartford

Dr Kathleen Hartford


I had the great privilege to meet and share some very special time with our Pittsburgh Women’s Professional Football Team, the Pittsburgh Passion and passionate they are! It was truly an honor and so inspiring for me, I really did want to suit up. They are celebrating 15 years of representing our city and just like our Pittsburgh Steelers they are winners! Pittsburgh Passion Women’s Football is the most recognized women’s full-contact football franchise in the world.  Winner of a National Championship and four Divisional Championships.

Having the opportunity to speak to them in their pre-game locker room and clearly experiencing their faith based approach to the game was deeply moving for me. Then I was escorted onto the field with the captains for the coin toss…I must say I never felt so tiny, that’s when I really wanted to suit up. I think every player thanked me for coming to share with them and I thanked them for giving me one of the most enjoyable evenings I could have imagined. My hope is that we will continue our relationship through partnership with our Sister Support non-profit, to promote physical, spiritual and emotional well being for women throughout the world but especially for our Sisters in the Burgh!

I now have T-shirts so the Health Pyramid staff can have Passion Fridays during the season!
If you’d like tickets please let us know prior to your next appointment and we will take care of that for you!
Thanks again Coach T and all of the Pittsburgh Passion players, can’t wait for the next game!

Learn more about out Pittsburgh Passion Women’s Football team here!

To learn more about our Sister Support non-profit or to donate visit www.sistersupport.org.

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