Healing at the Farm

Join us at My Hearts Desire farm to discover the exciting world of Integrated Natural Healing. We will explore the #1 food and environmental cause of illness, The #1 emotional contributor to illness and the gentle balancing techniques that can enhance your ability to heal, beginning with your cellular health and extending to the creation of the energy and vitality that everyone craves. You will understand why true energy comes from an internal quiet peace, in fact we will provide for you a FREE take home process to help create that quiet peace within you.

Understanding that your physical and mental health relies on, and responds to, communication is powerful but understanding how to enhance that communication is priceless! That is what we do at the Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center. From our cottage one-on-one services to our equine retreats. Everything here is designed from 34 years of Dr Kathleen Hartfords licensed healing experience along and her 46 years of stewardship & passion for horses. The Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center has been designed as a personalized healing center just for you. 

Thursday October 17th 6:30-9:00

Hearts Desire Farm
151 Alter Road
Natrona Heights Pa

Connect With Your Authentic Self with our Horse Wisdom Encounter
If you had the opportunity to meet your best self, how would your best self look?  What would your best self say?  How would your best self feel?  Now ask, are you ready to meet that self? If your answer is YES!  Then let’s begin your journey to rejuvenate and reclaim your body, mind and spirit by exploring Your True Hearts Desire!  We do this through story boarding, neuro-emotional technique, anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, and you will love the Horse Wisdom encounter.

Space is limited, call (724) 295-2952‬ for details, or fill out the form.

Four Seasons Retreat

>Location:  My Heart’s Desire Farm,  Natrona Heights
Four Seasons Retreats

Horses are the perfect energetic mirror for an individual choosing to live a conscious life… They reflect to us who we are in relation to the world around us, especially in the areas of, intimacy, teamwork and authenticity.


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Uncover the Hidden Secrets to Success

Secret #1:

Live a fully expressed and integrated life.

Secret #2:

Tap your authentic power.

Secret #3

Experience joy and express gratitude.

About the Retreat

Horses are the perfect energetic mirror for an individual choosing to live a conscious life… They reflect to us who we are in relation to the world around us, especially in the areas of, intimacy, teamwork and authenticity.The Four-Season Retreats are Personally conducted by myself and my team at My Heart’s Desire Farm in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. Each retreat is based on exploring the current seasonal purpose unfolding within your life effecting your body, mind, and spirit. The retreat utilizes personal development tips and activities, along with healing techniques to experience how one presents themselves in life in relation to their ever-changing environment.

Horses are the perfect energetic mirror for an individual choosing to live a conscious life… They reflect to us who we are in relation to the world around us, especially in the areas of, intimacy, teamwork and authenticity.Whether in the office, the home, or relationships, the ability to successfully adapt keeps us growing and evolving toward our truest self. And we acknowledge that change, even when it is good for us, can be challenging.

We will work through these changes in a way that allows energetic flow in your life and supports the second secret – tapping into your authentic power.

One of the most enjoyable experiences occurs in the barn with our beautiful horses. Weather it is watching them play and interact or participating in an authenticity exercises, there is always something to learn.

Other experiences occur in the garden or center around our ability to flow like the waterfall. During the winter months, we will explore the silence before the new seeds begin to germinate. It is in those quiet spaces that healing occurs – as the parasympathetic nervous system maintains balance with our dominant, fight-or-flight, response to life. It is also here that your innate power lives. Through this tonal balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, you can prevent personal and professional burnout. We will also play. Woman by nature need to sing, dance, explore their voice, and move energy. Whether it is singing in the shower or movement through exercise, we must use our bodies and hear our voice. Women need to laugh out loud feeling every cell in their bodies vibrate and experience the third secret which is Joy. Joy jump-starts our energy circuits and opens up the avenues to experience an open heart and express gratitude!

A Typical Day at the Four Seasons Retreats:

Each day is planned for you and incorporates tangible experiences that support the five aspects of health and personal development as a soulful being.  Your experience may include cleaning stalls, a very acute metaphor that brings to light the importance of ‘cleaning up’ the ‘stuff’ in your personal and professional life. The Dance of Authenticity with Horse. All things in nature reflect back to our belief systems and mind patterns, and these systems and patterns determine our way of being and relating in the world.  

You will reflect on the newness of spring and the contractions of winter and how those are evident in your current relationships – exploring something new, tracking its entire development and enjoying the fruits of your labor.  

The Four Seasons Coaching Retreats are an avenue for Licensed Health Care Providers and patients of Dr. Hartford to create a deeper understanding of themselves, reclaim their health and vitality, and design a lifestyle that encourages deep and fulfilling passions.  

The retreats are a safe space to explore the behaviors that keep us stuck and prevent us from being truly successful. Whether you define success as raising healthy children, creating a million-dollar practice, or simply creating a peace filled life, you must first remove the fears and mind patterns that deplete energy, frustrate the soul, and steal so much JOY.  

Become acquainted with the soulful part of you that has plans to prosper you and give you an exciting future.  We will help you reclaim your spirit and engage that spirit in every area of your life, allowing YOU to create YOUR true heart’s desire.

Begin your personal journey toward discovering and creating YOUR HEART’S DESIRE by learning these secrets and becoming intimately acquainted with your truest nature. THE FOUR-SEASON RETREATS can be the beginning of great personal growth, which can be furthered by working one-on-one with myself and my team.  Commit to creating your true heart’s desire in your work, your relationships, your life!

God Bless and Go Well

Dr. Kath

9:00 am Greet the day with meditation and gentle movements.
9:30 am Fit, Fun, and FabulousBreakfast while we share our dreams, fears, struggles, and create a goal for the day.
10:00 am Setting our intentions for the day
10:30 am Personal development work with horses.  Anyone uncomfortable with being close to horses will be able to explore themselves through other participant’s experiences.
12:00 am Bring a lunch and explore your hidden secrets as we debrief the morning’s events then redefine our personal experience goals.
1:00 Bring your lunch and enjoy with a one-hour break for resting, journaling and quiet time.
2:00 pm Personal Wellness Time.  Health concerns will be addressed as a group utilizing appropriate techniques and nutrition for current issues.
4:00 pm Review the Fit, Fun & Fabulous anti-aging Program for yourself and/or your patients.
5:00 pm Wrap up and head hope with a full heart and new ideas for an amazing future!