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No matter how you choose to work with Dr. Hartford’s team, the focus is all on you. Our proven, integrated mind-body therapies provide you with a highly individualized and comprehensive approach to well-being. We provide personal growth and enhanced health support through our Equine Assisted Retreats, Personal Mentoring, Meridian and Energy Field Balancing, our signature Fit, Fun and Fabulous Weight Loss Kits and Functional Nutrition. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure that you achieve a well-balanced lifestyle in a warm, caring and supportive environment. You can even experience this work from the comfort of your own home


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For more than two decades, Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford has treated and nurtured thousands of individuals through her integrated wellness approaches. As patients reclaim their health, she mentors them on how to maintain their youthful vitality with practical guidance on nutrition, exercise and stress management. She is the author of Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age which, along with its companion journal and cookbook, creates a lifestyle approach that reverses the biomarkers of aging.

Dr. Kathleen, the president and founder of Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center in the Pittsburgh suburb of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, is also the founder of the philanthropically based Sister Support organization, which is dedicated to improving the lives of women through education, self-knowledge and sharing.

Dr Kathleen Hartford



Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for over 23 centuries. It can remedy ailments, alter states of mind, and enhance recuperative power and immunity. It has been determined that human beings are bio-energetic systems. When the balance of this energy is disturbed, pain or illness results.
Meridian treatments corrects the energetic imbalance by encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Treatment with acupuncture needles is the most common method of Meridian energy balancing. Other techniques used to balance body energies are: TBM, NET, heat therapy, mild electrical stimulation, laser, magnets, massage, dietary supplements and homeopathic substances.

Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a psycho-emotional mind-body therapy based on the physiology of stress-related responses. … NET helps restore balance through the mind-body system by supporting the process of remembering. By recreating the original body’s response to an emotional event we can support energetic balance and emotional release. NET is not a talk therapy but rather a body based therapy that works through the meridian system and supportive homeopathic remedies to reset the body to a balanced state.To learn how chiropractic care could benefit you, please schedule an appointment today, click the link below.


Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)


Fit, Fun & Fabulous At Any Age
Fit, Fun & Fabulous is a supported lifestyle approach that anyone can follow.  Developed by Dr. Kathleen Hartford, it is based on a very effective program she has utilized for her patients at Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center (her practice in the Pittsburgh suburb of Natrona Heights, PA) to create changes in blood values such as cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, and more.


Bio-Hacks to Reset & Energize Your Body!

  • K-Laser
  • Infrared Sauna and FIT-BOMB
  • Bio-MatReiki
  • The Power Plate
  • Targeted Nutrition

Everything we do at the Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center is to support the natural healing ability of your body. Bio-Hack Retreats is our newest program to do just that!


Total Wellness Through Targeting Weak Systems With Nutritional Supplements

Functional Nutrition is a form of medicine that is focused on your body’s ability to function at its highest potential. 

When it comes to effectively utilizing targeted nutrients you want to find a Functional Nutrition Practitioner who can test and prescribe supplements that specifically address your areas of imbalance and stress. This allows you to receive the nutrients you need and avoid any unnecessary expense or worse yet toxicity that can come from too much of a nutrient or inferior nutrients.