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Join the IM4U Movement and help us spread the message of Unity and Compassion throughout your community and ultimately the world.

Buy a T-shirt and help us spread the word that we are for each other, buy one for yourself and a friend to let them know you are 4 them and we’ll give one to someone, who needs to know, people are there 4 them as well.

There are people that have no one saying IM4U, for those people we will donate your ‘give one’ shirt, made possible through your purchase. These shirts will go to women’s shelters, support groups, kids-programs etc.

In fact, if you have a group you would like to support, you can buy your shirts directly and we will provide an equal number of shirts to those who need to hear the IM4U message

  • Doctors gift them to your patients
  • Support group participants Gift them to your group
  • Want to help the homeless? Gift them to your community
  • Teachers Gift them to your kids or to the single parents raising children alone
  • Retailers sell them with your inventory
  • Coaches gift them to your team
  • Holding a marathon or outside event? Gift them to your participants
  • How about a family reunion, that’s right…gift them, so your family can spread the word within their communities?

When you do our IM4U Gifting Program will ensure someone else receives a T-shirt through your purchase.

And if you are reading this please know that I am 4 you!

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