It’s Time to Feel Your Life Again!

So often the ‘business of life’ takes over and we lose sight of;

  • Our Passions
  • Our Purpose
  • Our Authentic Self

Work with me to reclaim the unique qualities that make you who you are, so you can be who you were meant to be!



To My Partners in Healing, 

To be the best mom, wife, daughter, business owner, employee or friend takes energy and vitality, and to show up BIG in the world takes congruency of vision and purpose from the deepest place of your authentic being.

Your journey has taught you so much. You are not done, you long to serve, to be vital, to reclaim your rudder, and to chart a new course filled with energy and integration of purpose! 

As you work with me you will feel your body reclaim its energy, Your Mind refocus on your passion and Your Spirit deeply connect to your life in service.

My passion is to work with you to provide an integrated approach to health, vitality and perception, which affects every aspect of your life. As we walk through the process we will enhance the energy and congruency of purpose that allows you to live the life you love in your body, mind and spirit. A life filled with gratitude and loving-kindness for all that you have created and all that you wish to create.

Join me if you know:

  • Life is more than just a progression of time.
  • Life is big and you want to serve that bigger picture.
  • Life is calling you to a purpose.
  • It’s time for you to fulfill that purpose!

This program is for those licensed healthcare professionals that are ready to play the BIGGER game of life and service, both to themselves and others. 

You know you have it in you to:

  • Create more income 
  • Grow your practice to the level you truly desire or shrink your practice to the level that brings you peace, joy and freedom!
  • Get more juice out of life
  • Create more freedom 
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Grow personally into the BEST vision of yourself
  • Create loving supportive relationships with those around you
  • Be clear on who you are and take the reins to fly to your destination

My passion is to get you to that destination of congruency of vision and purpose with joy and gratitude from the deepest place of your authentic being. 

There are only 10 spots available for this high-level program and I hope you have the clarity to see that YOU are worth the journey we are about to embark on.

How will you benefit?

  • We will literally turn back the hands of time to create a biologically younger you! As this process takes hold you will be amazed at the return of vital energy to your body!
  • We will release the past, forgive mistakes and learn to move on in the peace, joy and gratitude in meeting your authentic self
  • We will write a new story of your True Hearts Desire and implement a plan to create it
  • We will Master the energy game or the game of attraction for anything your heart deeply desires
  • Shift the energy of anger into focused clarity of thought word and deed.
  • Use powerful tools for setting healthy boundaries
  • Move to a place of Internal Peace & Integration of your highest Energy Source
  • We will End Overwhelm and Create Clarity and structure for your life
  • You will awaken to the energy that made you, maintains you and keeps you striving for health every day of your life

How will your practice benefit?

  • We will support you in creating new and exciting streams of income through our partners in Integrated Wellness Care
  • You will not only experience the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Program for yourself but you will become a go-to office to provide the service to your patients and create even more cash income for your office!
  • You will be trained in how to utilize the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Program to support your community and create an abundance of New Patients!
  • We will explore and resolve staff issues that block your growth 
  • We will explore and resolve patient compliance issues that block your growth
  • You will be coached on how to ask for help and delegate 
  • You will awaken to the healer you were destined to be

Who would NOT benefit from our work together?

  • Anyone uncomfortable pushing the edges of their comfort zone
  • Anyone who unwilling to invest in themselves physically spiritually and emotionally
  • Anyone who thinks I have some kind of magic formula to fix their lives 
  • Anyone who doesn’t believe things can ever change
  • Anyone who strongly invested in the story of their past

Once we have completed a few months together you will be invited to participate in our Four-Season Retreat Experience with our Equine Partners. The Four-Season Retreat Experience is held on my Heart’s Desire Farm utilizing the intuition of horse to explore Your True Hearts Desire. 

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience horse magic in your life.

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  1. Your Divine Body – Create More Energy Now! 
    The truth is your body was meant to be self-healing and supportive for your entire journey on this beautiful planet. It was not meant to be sick, overweight, filled with pain, and limiting. You need your body on its A-game for you to be able to enjoy the most important areas of your life! In the first 30 days, I will show you exactly how to reach your A-game physically and maintain that level of vitality throughout your life! 

  2. Your Human Mind – End Overwhelm and Create Clarity!
    The Human Mind is an amazing organism that is never at rest. It thrives on stimulation and activity. It has discovered amazing cures, solved endless problems and created rockets that put man on the moon. Yet when unsupported and out of balance, it can create chaos, anxiety, depression and self-limiting beliefs that paralyze us in fear and overwhelm. In month two, we will focus on your mind and make it your friend, your quiet supporter. We will explore the nine areas of your life and create clarity of the mind patterns and perceptions that have created your reality thus far. We will then utilize tools to create a new way of being to give you the quiet freedom only your super conscious can provide.

  3. Your Soulful Self – Enjoy Internal Peace & Integration of your Highest Energy Source! 
    There are eight million hearts beating on the planet but only one energy supports them all. In the third month we will unlock the secrets of the universe and understand how our body, mind and soul all work together to heal a skinned knee, a broken heart, or to fall in love. We will explore the energies that create our perceptions and we will play the Vibration Game to create congruency for your True Heart’s Desire. This is where the juice of life comes alive, freeing us from fear and paralysis, opening up our newest and best way of being…beautifully fully human!


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I knew I needed to lose weight but I didn’t know where to start. That’s when I saw Dr. Kathleen on the news. The Inflammation 911 (one of the recommended supplements in the program) is great.  Within a few days of starting the program and drinking the Inflammation 911 meal replacement shake, I could move my fingers in the morning.  The inflammation, which is one of the big symptoms of Lupus, was leaving my body.  I could move!

After six months of following the program, I am excited to say that I have lost 60 pounds and I am not stopping!  I was able to complete my student teaching requirements without pain, and I am very proud to be able to say that I have achieved my goal and I have graduated with my cherished degree.  I have been able to start exercising regularly, and I can even mow my lawn all by myself!  Dr. Kathleen Hartford gave me the energy and ability to get my life back.

~Marcie L. Wallace

I’ve been working with Dr. Kathy for almost two months now. After losing my father after caring for him for so long, it left me quite empty with feelings I had never had to deal with. Not only was I sad, but I realized my whole body chemistry changed. Surely, I was depressed. I wasn’t running or exercising the same, and constantly tired and just feeling “not healthy”. Not to mention I had gained a little weight (about 10 pounds), which I couldn’t understand because, if anything, I was barely eating.

Two months later…….Wow! I am more than back to normal with my running and exercising. I have learned how to “understand my feelings and emotions”. Handle “stressors” in a way I never thought I could. I no longer have that “depressing” feeling that I dreaded. And I feel like I’m in great shape (lost the 10 pounds). There was a lot more to Dr. Kathleen Hartford’s work than I had expected. They helped me to get my mind, body, and spirit healthy again! I’m a “Happy Camper”.

-Jeannie Manko


3 Months of Private 1:1 Mentoring
with me personally. I am a licensed healthcare provider and international lecturer with 30 years of experience in helping patients heal their bodies and their lives. I am the author of Fit, Fun & Fabulous At Any Age, the owner of the Hearts Desire Equine Rejuvenation Retreats, founder of Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center, Founder of the Sister Support Non-profit and single mother who had to do it all.

Six 45-minute Private 1:1 Calls
to explore your Body, Mind and Spirit keeping you focused and supported as you move forward, clearing any incongruences you have toward embracing and expanding your integrated self.

3 Electronic Fit, Fun & Fabulous Program Books
and more including:
Fit, Fun & Fabulous Book: Learn how to experience your fullest genetic potential for health and wellness!
Fit, Fun & Fabulous Interactive Journal: Your journal is your companion and it helps hold you accountable.
Fit, Fun & Fabulous Cookbook: You will never struggle with deciding what to eat again.
Meditation Audio: Meditation lowers blood pressure, enhances your immune response, and improves your ability to concentrate and connect to your higher self.
Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Food schedule: A quick chart that outlines what foods cause inflammation and healthy alternatives.

3 Physician-Only Supplements, The supplements needed for a successful body outcome!
The Medical Food Inflammation 911: Manage Accelerated Aging and Inflammation.
Tri-Mag for cell wall nutrient absorption, reverse insulin resistance, support healthy brain function, regular bowel movements, and muscular relaxation.
Essential Fatty Acids to promote fat loss, hormone balancing, and healthy hair, skin, and nails!

I know there is an abundance of health, personal development, and spiritual information available today, but I promise that no program has integrated the three in the practical way Elite Client Awakening Program has done. With Elite Client Awakening Program, you are guaranteed to get the right information to enhance your body, mind, and spirit so you no longer have to wonder where or how to start. 

You will finally have everything you need to rejuvenate your body, relax your mind and create the peace-filled life your soul desires.


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