Bio-Hacks to Reset & Energize Your Body!

Everything we do at the Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center is to support the natural healing ability of your body. Bio-Hack Retreats is our newest program to do just that! To register or to enquire about the details of our Bio-Hack Fridays call 724-295-2952.

If you are already a client, you can text 724-295-2952. to sign up today!

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BIO HACK session are available on specific Fridays from 9am to 1pm.   

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Services and Treatments Available

Choose the Bio Hack that best suites your needs.   Not Sure of what to choose?  The staff will answer your questions and schedule a convenient time for you to come in.

K Laser

K-Laser for congestion, healing and repair of tissue. The K-Laser has been our gold standard for reducing inflammation in every type of tissue in the body. From knee pain to sinus pressure to ear aches this tool is simply amazing!

Power Plate

The Power Plate to enhance balance, circulation muscle strength, flexibility and bone density. When we exercise, we utilize approximately 40% of our motor units. When we exercise on a Power Plate, we utilize over 90% of our motor units. The more motor units you utilize the stronger you become and the greater your ability to balance and build healthy dense bone! Here’s a fun link from Dr Mercola!

Click here for more information about the Power Plate and its Benefits

Fit Bomb and Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna and FIT-BOMB.

Infrared Sauna and FIT-BOMB. From heart health to detoxification, an infra-red sauna does it all. Just 20 minutes of a relaxing sauna or 20 minutes of a stimulating workout in the sauna and you’ll feel like your work has been done! Relaxation or stimulation, you get to choose!

Bio Mat

Bio-Matt to synchronize your cellular resonance, promote the parasympathetic healing response it will have an effect on every cell tissue and organ in your body. Extra bonus, our matt comes with beautiful healing Amethyst crystals!


Reiki a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The word in Japanese comes from Rei meaning God’s wisdom or power and Ki (chi) meaning life force. Reiki is used throughout the United States in many hospitals and hospice centers.

healthy eating habits, long life

Targeted Nutrition

Targeted Nutrition to meet your nutrient needs! Once the body is sent into a high-powered healing state, either through relaxation or stimulation, your cells will need the fuel and nutrients to support the healing process. If you are exhausted, then we might focus on your thyroid and adrenal gland. If you are anxious and high strung, then we will look to relax the nervous system. If you are overweight, then we want to determine why and address the underlying cause. You are only as healthy as your cells and your cells need nutrients to reproduce healthy new cells and to perform their function in an optimum way!

Supplements & Support

Help your body “reboot” and run better with targeted and effective supplements.   These high quality supplement support your body and mind, gently and naturally. 

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