The Fit Fun and Fabulous lifestyle is much more than a nutritional certification or a life coach certification. It is an Integrated Wellness Certification!
If you are passionate about helping others and have an interest in owning your own business, then becoming a Certified Fit, Fun and Fabulous Mentor is the way to go! 

Even if you are already a Life Coach, a Wellness Practitioner, a Personal Trainer or a committed mother, the Fit Fun and Fabulous Certification Program will take your life and your income to the next level.


Becoming a Fit, Fun & Fabulous Mentor is the beginning of your dream! Become an entrepreneur in health and you can:
  • Own your own business
  • Set your own hours
  • Have physician-only products at your disposal
  • Earn $30-$70 per hour
  • and make a difference in the lives of others!
With the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Program you will learn:
  • 12 biomarkers of aging and what you can do to address them
  • The primary cause of all health problems
  • How to reduce your biological age to look and feel younger
  • The importance of maintaining your biomechanical balance
  • The role your body shape plays in your health
  • Why hormone balancing is crucial to your well-being
  • The emotional, bio-chemical, and energetic toll stress places on you
  • How to tell if someone has Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome
  • Relaxation techniques that balance your nervous system, promoting the parasympathetic nervous response


Did you know that our diseases of aging can be attributed to a common hidden cause? This common denominator, which contributes to and at times, directly causes almost every modern disease known to man, is the focus of the Fit, Fun and Fabulous Program. It not only gives you the ability to understand this common denominator of disease, but it also gives you the tools to reverse aging.

By becoming a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Mentor you will learn how this common denominator accelerates aging, even causing adult diseases to appear even in our children. Our children are the first generation predicted to have a shorter life span than their parents! This accelerated aging process robs us all or our longevity and vitality!

You as a Mentor can and WILL make a difference!

This is the same accelerated aging process that robs us all of our longevity and vitality. Your ability to reverse it lies within your mentoring practice. 

Dr. Kathleen Hartford has a unique ability to bridge the understanding between traditional and natural healthcare. She accomplishes this through a scientifically based integrated approach that moves her clients toward wellness care. Her positive and engaging approach is refreshing in the age of misinformation and confusion in health and wellness choices.

—Freddie H. Fu, MD
Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

This is what happened with my patient Jen, who was only 36 years old when she came to our program. Her issues were digestive in nature, with recurrent bloating and irregularity, and her biological age came in at 51. As we spoke, what came to light was that the stress in Jen’s life was off the charts; in fact, she was having recurring nightmares. Even though Jen was not overweight, she understood that health is a balance of all systems, so she committed to the Fit, Fun and Fabulous program. By the end of the 12 weeks, all of her chief complaints had subsided and her biological and chronological ages aligned. Essentially, Jen had recovered 15 years of biological youth and was able to handle the stressors in her life.
—Program Participant


Dr. Kathleen Hartford is the author of Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age, which, along with its companion journal and cookbook, creates a lifestyle approach that reverses the biomarkers of aging. This program will jump-start anyone on his or her road to health and vitality.

Dr. Hartford has treated and nurtured thousands of individuals through her integrated wellness approach. As patients reclaim their health, she mentors them on how to maintain their youthful vitality with practical guidance on nutrition, exercise and stress management. This information is now available to you, as a mentor, so that you can provide the same integrated wellness services for your clients!


  • The benefits of exercise can be had at any age. Rena entered the office at the age of 73 with hypothyroidism, high blood sugar, depression, hair loss, high cholesterol, no energy, and a desire to lose at least 20 pounds. After 12 weeks on the Fit, Fun & Fabulous program, Rena’s biological age dropped from 71 to 58. Her blood pressure lowered from 150 over 90 to 130 over 75! Rena’s grip strength increased by 5 kg and she was able to perform 25 pushups instead of just three! Now, how many 73-year-olds do you know who can do that?
    Recovered 13 years of biological youth, lowered blood pressure, increased grip strength by 5 kg


If you are passionate about helping others and have an interest in owning your own business, then becoming a Certified Fit, Fun and Fabulous Mentor is the way to go.

We will be certifying qualified people to become Fit, Fun and Fabulous Mentors in an effort to create a grassroots movement toward true lasting health care reform…in our own bodies!


Start your Career as a Fit, Fun & Fabulous Mentor TODAY!