Dr Kathleen Hartford

Meet Dr. Kathleen Hartford

Serve with humility-Lead with Empathy-Love with Heart

In 1986 I opened my first Chiropractic practice in Cape Town South Africa, with my husband. As my girlfriend used to say, “I fell with my bum in the butter”.

My in-laws owned a Thoroughbred Racing farm, and I was able to ride those majestic creatures while growing our business in the most beautiful city in the world.

We left our beloved Cape to return to the USA in 1990 pregnant with our first child.  After a homebirth, designing a building for our new practice we once again began our passion of healing the world one spinal adjustment at a time.

Then it happened, three years into our new practice, we were on the cusp of a million-dollar practice, raising our three-year-old daughter and loving life when I received the call that my husband, my soul-mate and business partner, had just been in a plane crash.

I knew in that moment that my life as I knew it, and loved it, had just come to an end. I loved the magic of Chiropractic but knew it would take much more than an adjustment to save and restore my husband’s life.

That knowing led me on a journey. And that journey expanded my understanding that healing must take place on 5 integrated levels;

  1. Neurological
  2. Biochemical
  3. Emotional
  4. Bio-energetic
  5. Spiritual

My WHY is so people get the bigness of who they are; the bigness of their bodies ability to heal, the bigness of their minds ability to learn and contribute and the bigness of their spirits ability to experience and become love.

I support their physical expression through chiropractic and natural modalities which heal the physical body allowing freedom for the mind to be available to contribute to their community, their family and the world in whatever way feels true to them, which frees their spirit to express itself for the goodness of the whole deeply connecting them to the ‘all that is’…

I believe in;

INSPIRING AND SUPPORTING clients ready to make a heart-felt change in their life to create the freedom-based healthy lifestyle of their dreams!

NURTURING heart-based clients to refine and promote their health, while creating the best version of themselves. Supporting your body to be its fullest expression of health and vitality

HEALING THE PLANET one person at a time by sharing information that is vital to every cell, tissue and organ in your body!

SUPPORTING our clients in creating habits and breaking down barriers that no longer serve the life that they long for

MOTIVATING our clients to think outside the box to create loving lasting relationships with themselves and others

TAKING courageous, audacious action to shift mindsets and gain confidence providing the freedom to uplift and elevate ourselves, as well as our families, communities, and the world!

GIVING BACK to the world by actively partnering with on-purpose organizations that believe in creating opportunities for better lives through education.

As you work with me you will feel your body reclaim its energy, Your Mind refocus on your passion and your spirit deeply connect to your life in service.

Like me your journey has taught you so much. And like me, you are not done, you long to serve, to be vital, to reclaim your rudder, and to chart a new course filled with energy and integration of purpose! 

That’s what I’d like to do for you.

  • First Heal your physical body
  • Then end Mental Overwhelm and create clarity of thought
  • Finally put you on the path to creating your True Hearts Desire.

So, if you’re interested in utilizing Integrated Wellness to enhance your life and to learn how to integrate it into your current practice to help heal others then you are in the right place.

You can feel confident knowing that you are working with a doctor who has been there and done that. During my 34 years in practice I truly have faced every challenge and seen it all. 34 years of living, breathing, and dreaming health! I can’t wait to work with YOU to make your life dreams come true!