Dr Kathleen Hartford

Dr Kathleen Hartford


To create the healthiest version of YOU you need a scientifically-based lifestyle. Start with these 10 dynamic health supportive habits:
  1. Balance your eating of proteins, carbohydrates and fats
  2. Eat frequently; 3 main meals plus 2 snack meals to balance your blood sugar.
  3. Exercise at least 3 times per week
  4. Cut down on stimulants (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, drugs)
  5. Manage Your Stress
  6. Balance Your Hormones
  7. Utilize targeted nutrients to support cellular nutritional needs
  8. Find a space for morning meditation
  9. Practice conscious breathing several times per day
  10. Drink 2/3rds of an ounce of water for every pound of your body’s weight.
    ​(i.e. .66 x your body weight)

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CREDENTIALS:  Dr. Kathleen Hartford, a licensed Integrated Wellness Practitioner, Healthy Aging Expert, and NET licensed specialist, has dedicated herself to improving her patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. The author of FIT, FUN & FABULOUS AT ANY AGE, Dr. Hartford speaks all over the world to promote understanding among the healing disciplines and to help people reclaim their health and vitality.
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